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Do you know how large the area is if 10% of all the roofs in HK are GREENED?

Have you ever imagined green roofs can be installed as EASY as carpeting your room and can be bought from 7-11, Circle K, IKEA...?

Our Vision

To green all roofs in Hong Kong


Warm Reminder

We have our first green roof now!

November 12, 2014

After months of organization, our first green roof is now realized! Located on the 8/F of Tak Nga Secondary School outside their libary, a modular tray system green roof of 10 sq.m. has been installed today. This roof serves as a model for us to study the difficulties that we have to overcome when implementing the current roof greening technology. We hope that this can inspire our project and give us directions for a new and better roof greening solution in Hong Kong, while overcoming the difficulties to finally green the roof on this school!

Surveying Studio V Show Case

November 25, 2014

We are very glad to be invited as one of the exhibitors in the Show case of Surveying Studio V, organized by the Department of Real Estate and Construction, the Univerisity of Hong Kong. Experts and students from the real estate and construction department are very likely to be interested in our project and are the most suitable talents to help us push our project one step forward. We will be holding a booth, demonstrating our  research and explaining the concepts of Green Roof-toppers to the audiences. We have even created a 'special model' to attract audiences! 


Wanna know more about the 'special model' and our exhitbition? Check out our booth on the Show Case:

Date: 26 November, 2014

Time: 10:30-16:30

Venue: KB528, The University of Hong Kong

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About Green Roof-toppers

We are a non-profiting-making NGO aiming to promote roof greening in Hong Kong. Established in 2010, we have spent years of research on the possibility to make roof greening a wide spread phenomenon in Hong Kong as it is in other countries like Japan, Singapore, and Germany... We offer help to parties who are interested in roof greening by providing knowledge, technical support and even with our latest smart solution....

Our Mission

To promote roof greening to the general public and encourage installation through our suggestions.


Let's guess how heavy is our 'Smart Solution' Modularized Tray! Come to our booth at the Surveying Studio Showcase today and make your guess there!

Answer: 1kg


Congratulations to Jonathan and Anita!

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